A video showing Nima youth assaulting a suspected homosexual at the sprawling Accra suburb, has gone virile with some recipients tracing their sources to the US from where it came through the WhatsApp social media platform back to Ghana. There is no doubt that the video found its way to the US through the same means, putting the subject of homosexual activities now on the ascendancy in Nima and some parts of Accra and the corresponding response of anti-gayism by sections on the spot.

The video shows a group of irate youth, some wielding planks and pieces of stick beating the suspect amidst a cacophonic session of interrogations in Hausa. The lead interrogator posed questions suggesting that the suspect was spotted walking towards the direction of the Nima Police Station through the New Nation School seeking to find out why he was heading that way with a small boy. He started his narration thus: “I told him that I want him to be my friend and so asked for his mobile phone number.”

The angry interrogator asked where he was going with the boy when he was spotted, adding that he was standing with the boy when the suspected gay called his number and asked that he meet him at the Shell filling station, towards the New Nation School. “He asked that we find a spot where we can chat so we went to De Youngsters,” to which the interrogator retorted that all he sought to do was to engage in anal sex with the boy in the darkness at the location. At this stage, the crowd of angry youth surged on their prey, some landing him with slaps to which the interrogator yelled for cessation so he could proceed with his questions. Some suggested that they whip him, to which the interrogator said no, adding that “We would convert you, give you a girl and every fortnight we would inspect you. Stop using cosmetics.” Some of the irate youth asked him to strip naked.

They eventually stripped him to his underwear as each sought to whip him. It was a rowdy scene as the suspect was subjected to incessant whipping. Some of them remarked about his bleached body as they dealt with him, some of them ladies. Homosexual activities are on the rise in Nima, a situation many of the youth are unenthused about and have embarked on a mission to reverse the trend, the suburb being largely a Muslim dominated area.

Source: A.R. Gomda I Daily Guide `

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