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When we started LoveRealm ministry, I never intended that such a day would come when we would crowdfund. As we shared the gospel more and more, I realized with joy and passion, how lives were being changed and impacted day in day out. Eventually, we had people wanting to surrender their lives to Christ just because of our Facebook posts.

The thought of being able to reach out to someone in, say India, without stepping a foot there fascinated me daily. As my team and I pondered about this day in day out it sent excitement and shivers down our spines.

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The impact is simply amazing, with over 50,000 people reached weekly for Christ. What further excites me is the fact that with a little effort and marketing input, our reach and impact spikes. You can see in the image above that there was an initial spike of traffic. During that spike, we were reaching over 300,000 people for Christ! Wow! Which genuine Christian would not be fascinated and happy about this? Do you know what this means? With a little more push and effort we can easily reach a million people for Christ!

That’s why we decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign today. Crowdfunding is simply a community based funding approach in which every community member contributes an amount to a global fund in order to achieve an amount of money. The money would then be used to fulfill a specific task, in our case sharing the gospel of Christ online.

Who amongst you loves the Lord? Who amongst you wants the world to know about Christ? Let him contribute to our campaign here:

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