When I’m done fondling her

By LoveRealm Official on Monday, February 12, 2018

tumblr_mdgn0xBccO1qhszyno1_500I met my first love in High School. I reminisce with laughter those young days of mine. As a lad, my heart would skip a beat at the thought of her. How difficult it was in those days, my love for her eventually dwindled and soon memories of here faded into the memoirs of time.

It’s not easy to forget your first love. My first love herself attests to this fact. Though our love eventually dwindled, we simply can’t get over each other. She calls me and tells me she wants us back together. I know it might not be possible but I want to give our relationship a chance. Then I begin to get strange thoughts of her every morning. My flesh sees it as a unique opportunity, an opportunity to explore her body. Then come thoughts of kissing and fondling her. Eventually, I feel like having sex with her. Then comes the Holy Ghost; ‘It’s wrong my son’. I know its wrong daddy God, I just don’t know, my spirit is so weak, and I feel like going in. Then the spirit leads me to do this, write down the supposed ‘advantages’ of having sex with her and the disadvantages of not doing so.

Supposed advantages of having sex with her

  1. Physical pleasure, physical pleasure, physical pleasure, I get to please my body. I’m told sex is a good way of releasing stress and burning calories. Whatever the benefits, in the end it’s the body that benefits.
  2. We might end up re-creating our bond and eventually get back together.

The cost of disobeying the Holy Ghost

  1. We’re not yet married. The bible likens sex to drinking water (Proverbs 5:15). Water is drank everyday. That means I would most likely not do it once or twice. I might end up doing it everyday! That’s an addiction. An addiction to such a sinful pleasure would be disastrous, because I’m not married.
  2. It’s a sin against my body. This is clear in the bible: “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.” 1 Corinthians 6:1
  3. I might end up being a murderer. Come on guys, you know what I’m talking about. If she ends up pregnant, its most likely we would get an abortion. In my humble opinion, abortion is murder and I believe murderers have no part in the kingdom of God.
  4. Think about the Sexually Transmitted Infections. Okay, I know condoms offer protection to some extent and some vaccines may help, but do you know you can get Hepatitis B from kissing? Yeah, it’s spread via exchange of body fluids (hello kissers). For your information, hepatitis B is as fatal as HIV (if not more fatal). It causes liver failure; you may die if you don’t get a liver transplant, and how many people ever get that?
  5. It will definitely have a toll on my spirituality and my soul. I’ve already started to experience this even though I’ve not engaged in the act. I used to reflect on God every morning. My mornings for the past week however have been full of sexual fantasy. This is really hurting my soul. Any way, I have scripture to back this: He that committeth adultery with a woman is void of understanding: He doeth it who would destroy his own soul. Proverbs 6:32
  6. The last thing I want to go through is to toil and have someone enjoy my toil. I mean, who would not love to enjoy the gains of his labor? The bible says those who commit sexual sin actually don’t want to enjoy the gains of their labor. The scripture can be found in Proverbs 5:8 “Remove thy way far from her, And come not nigh the door of her house; Lest thou give thine honor unto others, And thy years unto the cruel; Lest strangers be filled with thy strength, And thy labors be in the house of an alien, “

I could go on and on and list the deadly consequences of sexual sin. In the end, I have no option but to obey the Holy Ghost! I know it’s difficult Lord, but I’ll subject myself to your will that I may decrease, and you increase me. How then shall I end my love story? When I’m done fondling her, I’ll be filled with sorrow, regrets and remorse because the damage caused might be irreparable. Comments please…