A year dies and another one is born, it’s as if the new one always kills the old one. No one welcomes us into the new one but we enter into it anyways. It is in the New Year that one can change what he or she doesn’t like about him or herself. No one really helps his brother do the changing because each person is busily assessing what needs to be changed around him.

Just as the caterpillar metamorphosize into a butterfly, people change their entire lives if they feel uncomfortable in the old ones.

The New Year is the only place where people make new resolutions as to how they want to live their new lives.

It’s one of the places where new hopes and aspirations are born

People break up and make up in the New Year. The friends that has to be cut loose are given the free ride while them that need to be kept are tied closely to the apron strings.

Even though none has entered the New Year before, we still see the brightest things in it and always ignore the bad ones. It’s not as if there will not be bad times, but we intentionally hide them under dark covers.

Welcome to the New Year, where we all are tourists yet but suddenly become the natives.

A year untouched with any blemishes and also naïve.

A year still perfect as the Eden Garden

A year with blank pages for us to fill

The New Year was given us because we deserve to be called living

Even as we walk into the place we’ve never been before, let us not forget we’ve been handed a new one before.

God has given us a fresh start to perfect, or maybe He has given us a thumbs up because we did well in the old year.

Welcome to the New Year, where I’ve never been before but can boldly say it holds new gifts.

I may not have traveled in time to see what the New Year has for me, but one thing I know for sure is that, God made the Year and He always makes all things beautiful (new) even though He has already been there.

Welcome to the New Year, where we have never been but God is already in.

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