Have you ever seen the picture of a duck on water? Ever looked at your home and its surroundings in an airplane? Ever thought there was water ahead as you drove on the road, only to realize it was a mirage?


God sees differently!


Just like the way our view is narrowed when on the ground and we can’t see things clearly from afar, so is our view about the hardships of life.


God, the architect of our lives sees differently but others will not be able to understand or explain why the building of our lives look a certain way whilst modern designs could be used. My answer is, God’s not done yet!


We see an example of this in Joseph’s life. He had big dreams. He was daddy’s boy, he hoped for a great future. But one day the coat of many colors was destroyed. His ego wounded and he was taken as a slave to a foreign land. He was imprisoned and endured situations he never knew existed or dreamt of living.


When you see yourself in Joseph’s situation, it will be like that duck turned upside down in your picture of life and like that ugly duckling, you might think that’s how life will forever be.


But we all know how God’s divine plans were well fitted in everything Joseph went through and how his dreams came to pass through it all.


So in moments when we see things differently. In times when the mirage seems to be the only life we know, let’s borrow God’s eyes. His are eyes of faith! He sees differently hence talks differently.


When you see your reflection like that of that duck turned upside down in water, close your eyes and go on your knees in prayer. Borrow God’s eyes of faith. You will start to see new horizons. You will start to walk in them. Your confidence will be restored and not before long, others will see your blessings from the pain. Remember that things are not as they seem, even when they appear upside down.


Colossians 3:2

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on the earth”


So the point is…things are not as they seem and God sees our problems differently. They are wonderful blessings in disguise. So, when we set our minds on things above, we get to see through God’s eyes and things will no longer be looking upside down.

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