Out of nowhere HE appeared in the universe

HIS origin cannot be found in any Bible verse

Existed within HIMSELF out of the universe elsewhere

No one saw HIS birth, creation, formation or whatsoever anywhere


I should rather say “THEY” and not “HE”

They are all components of a one HE

The only true God we know in three forms

The world never knew until was introduced to, all these forms


The Father was the first, in the garden of Eden

After They had formed Adam and was left breathing

A simillar nature with the 2nd person was the plan

A sure way to bridge the gap after the fall of man


Forgoing a crown to be on earth as a slave

Being born to a woman was the only passage

His purpose was accomplished after conquering the grave

That is how we earned an eternal passage


Quite different yet the same, He’s the Spirit

Was sent down immediately the Son ascended His throne

A Teacher, a Comforter, a Helper and an Advocate

He simply loves so tenderly… cares so personally…and ministers to us so faithfully


Let Us create man in Our own image

Into a world where We shall look just the same

After which they can also climb up here to join Us

It will then be their turn to be like Us


HE’s the eternal creator, Elohim

Unless we become like HIM we can never see HIM

The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirt is One

God is one but three…HE’s ultimately three in one


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