By Princeford Agudzeamegah on Monday, February 12, 2018

stolen bookI was actually laughing when I read that the Bible is the most ‘stolen’ book of all time! What irony! While theft remains a chief wrongdoing in our current Christian society, I wonder what kind of thief would steal a Bible for a profitable venture, either financially or otherwise, particularly the latter.

Not that an ordinary thief would care, but the truth remains: Only very, very few people can claim they do not know what the Bible is, or its stance about theft. Now, the primary aim of a thief or robber is to gain belongings illegally for a projected gain.

That means all the countless we are talking about thieves never meant to steal to destroy. So what did they do with the Bibles? I have my own opinions; you can share yours! SOLD TO THOSE WHO NEED THEM The Bible remains the most popular book ever, translated into over a thousand languages, and with billions of copies printed worldwide.

Fact: People want it! Whatever reasons they want them for, I can only hope it’s the right ones… Even thieves know that people need the Bible and will pay good money for it. So, it’s very logical then; I steal the Bible, with or without other booty and then I sell it.

STOLEN FOR MYSELF! Believe it or not, there were times when the Bible was scarce and considered really valuable. People would pray for forgiveness after stealing it, but their overwhelming need for its content overrides the sin committed in stealing another’s Bible! MYSTICAL REASONS?

I personally know a woman who treasures her Bible like it was God himself, and she doesn’t shy away from letting everyone know that. She has had the Bible for several years.

It definitely wouldn’t be surprising at all if another fanatic believed her Bible held some mystical powers and would rather have them for himself! People steal artifacts and ornaments they believe to have some powers. How much more the Bible? I’ll be honest, it still amazes that all I can come up with is a few reasons, but the fact remains unchanged… The most stolen book of all time is the Bible, and I have no idea what the thieves think when they do it!

As a Christian, it definitely beats my imagination!