When all worries are laid aside,

And only by the word we abide.

When petitions are transformed into meditation,

And praises, into adoration,

But for His mercies and kindness.

The mind empty, all plights forgotten.

Spirit activated, flesh rotten.


The Holy Spirit becomes the motor, Very prominent.

Then locomotion becomes very eminent.

Men might by then be unresponsive to stimuli.

The joyful noise, like that of a Jubilee.

Yet, the experience is better than delicacies in an Indomie sauce.

Unfathomable words are channelled through a single source.

There and then the chains of spiritual weakness are pulled down.

Behold I see the Heavens open, He sits with a crown.

Enemies fall, their evil plans all drown.

Tears might flow, dresses filled with sweat.

Faces frown, lacking worldly beauty, others appear worst.

Voices echo, concentration in shambles, not a time to rest.


This is the moment, a moment of worship.

A critical moment, a moment of spiritual battleship.

With new spirit unleashed, more strength gained.

New gifts released, more blessings rained.

With a common mission, a similar vision, nothing curtained.

In the unity of the Trinity, At the Master’s feet.

The true worshippers, haven died to sin-Six feet.

Now immortal gods, worshiping in truth and in spirit.


GUEST POST: This is an article byMichael Tettey Terkper a.k.a “MikyTee“. He is a Final year Geography & Rural Development student at KNUST. He loves to express his knowledge of the word of God in writing.

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