For weeks now my mum has been teaching my siblings and i about THANKSGIVING. It’s the last day of the year and many are thankful for various reasons. But thanksgiving is not meant to be like santà giving presents or a bunch of students graduating annually. Thus, we shouldn’t just thank God and our friends only at the end of every year like some do. I am just as guilty in this sense.In the good and bad times lets praise the Lord and give Him thanks.


She told me the story of a man named Wunder. He was led by God to go down the coast and give food to a young pastor and his family. When he got to their home he heard them praying.He listened for a moment when he stepped onto the front porch. The young wife was praying for food. Since Wunder was well armed with boxes of food, he simply burst through the front door and exclaimed, “You can get up folks. I’ve brought the food”. The family arose and rejoiced that indeed God had brought the food.While the young wife prepared the food Wunder noticed she looked very depressed when she walked by the refrigerator, so, he asked her why. She answered by saying the fridge had been empty so often when she needed food for her children. Wunder felt led by God to throw down a challenge to her. He said, “Sister if you will shout hallelujah every time you walk past that refrigerator, God will respond and fill it up and He will keep it filled for you.


The young wife looked at him in amazement. It seemed ridiculous to her so he countered, “It seemed ridiculous for the children of Israel to march around Jericho and shout to see those walls fall down.It seemed ridiculous forJehoshaphat have singers and praisers lead in the face of a battle against 3 great nations but God was pleased and gave them great victory. So sister I believe God will meet you if you will say hallelujah everytime you walk by the refrigerator.The lady respected Wunder as a real man of God so she started quietly saying “hallelujah” each time she passed by the fridge. In a short time the blessing of this experience was so abundant that she was fairly shouting it out!


Days later Wunder visited them and they met him on the porch with a couple of healthy HALLELUJAHS.She told him of how an unsaved man in town brought them frozen food, meat and things they could get in their fridge and it’s booming to the seams! She said God filled it up and He’s keeping it filled! Wunder was excited and he shared it with his pastor when he got back home!


That’s bold faith! Bold even in praising God!



Thanksgiving is like a SEED that is sown in the ground. Each thanksgiving waters the previous ones and makes it GROW THE MORE.


That’s why the bible says, “IN ALL THINGS, GIVE THANKS!” (1st Thessalonians 5:18)

Phillipians 4:6 also cautions us not to worry but in all things by prayer and THANKSGIVING make our request known God.


By giving thanks to God, I have found the peace only Jesus can give in the midst of chaos. I get to thank God for every good thing I want in my life than to complain to Him about the few things I don’t like.


The year will soon be ending and people will be attending thanksgiving services for several reasons. It doesn’t matter what came our way this year:

Lets thank God for every single day

For every single smile

For every breath we took

The things that made us cry



Thankful for the name Jesus

Thankful that in Him there is healing

Thankful for the Spirits leading

Thankful for the yes, no’s and wait to our answered prayers


Thankful most especially for the crazy friends and family





Phillipians 4:6, Hebrews 12:28-29, Psalm 28:7, Psalm 69:30 and Psalm 95:1-6

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