I could not hold on to my broken life

So I offered it to a greater one

Who in reality cannot be seen by sight

But I gave to Him this fractured flesh anyway


It did not matter to me His invisibility

But I was surely concerned of His invincibility

I was told He already knew me before I got to know myself

So I said in mind…then He knows my entire future too


I got myself together and joined this organisation called Church

And the preacher said “you need to be a part of the organism Church”

That was when I began to work out my own salvation

Day after day I studied my Bible as I prayed


My life is now speeding on a high way

But I don’t even feel like I’m being chased

I can’t find my old self in the mirror nowadays

“A new me” is what I call  myself since I changed


It is not just about walking in His foot steps

But its also my task to fit perfectly in His footprints

The tree will always be identified by its fruits and not only by flowers

I must be seen as a true believer and not just as a follower


My rebirth is not natural but supernatural

It is not temporal but eternal

I feel my whole being is being nurtured by somebody else

And I strongly believe I’m being prepared by Him for somewhere else


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