The sun can’t help it but to smile every morning

The moon bows out and sink in the mornings

It’s not because its work is boring

But it ought to give up the old evenings


The sun would have loved to smile without ceasing

And the moon desires to continue illuminating

The light that the sun spreads out in season

They never ever get tired of even working


The trees move left to right in worship

The wind goes back and forth and praise is what it whispers

The grass is refreshend by the dew of the heavens as a sign of stewardship

The ground could leap and touch the skies in vespers


The birds chirp a song

The grazers sing along

All the fish do, is to dance in the waves

Even the burrowed holes re-echoe sounds like caves


Stones can be given breath of life

Rocks can roll along mountains and still survive

What do you do when you rise?

Put yourself together and cry out to the sky.


The inferior race have a portion

What you render above has no limitation

Being the superior race, give out the greatest proportion

Because every appreciation sums up to form NATURE’S PORTION


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