I walked into the room and saw him after many full and half-moons have passed…

My heart missed a beat and for a brief moment, I could barely breathe

I almost tripped in my quest to fall into his arms

And he run to me with fear in his eyes

Passion robbed the chambers of my heart

And all I could think of was his sweet strong embrace

He pulled me into his arms

……as he looked into my eyes

…… and I drowned into his


Our hearts screamed,

Our voices grew hoarse

But before the call could be made

A gentle voice screamed out

Reminding us of PROMISES made

To God and to man

Pulling away, he helped me onto the sofa


Passed me the toy close by, stared and smiled

He spoke gently, cupping the curves of my almond face


With tears rolling down our eyes

He whispered sounding as soothing as Handel

“I loved you, the very day I set eyes on you

And Heaven BLESS the angels that led me to you

We’ve waited far too long

And this is not the day to mess things up

Let’s hold on BABY

LOVE is waiting till we’re READY



2 Corinthians 7:1

Since we have these PROMISES dear friends, let us PURIFY OURSELVES from everything that contaminates BODY and SPIRIT, perfecting HOLINESS out of REVERENCE for God.

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