The war is won: the outcome is final. Jesus Christ has defeated death, and He will save from the enemy all who believe in Him. There is, indeed, victory in Jesus.

We read in  1 John 5:4  that “everyone born of God overcomes the world.” But Jesus won and overcame all things by losing, and we must, too.

Living as overcomers in this sinful, broken world doesn’t look the way the world suggests it should. The idea of victory among mankind throughout history involves taking control, reigning with power, gaining for self, and being over others.

Winning, as the world would have it, is all about beating out the competition. Success comes at the expense of others. Battles depend on speed, strength, and strategy.

Not so in the Kingdom of God…and that’s where we get to be living already if we belong to Him. Though in the world, we’re already citizens of heaven. In His Kingdom, our idea of victory and how to get there is as upside down as Jesus’ was.

To be an overcomer in Christ, we start by dying to self. We begin by giving up our right to pride, to gain, to control, and to a desirable reputation. Our victory begins when we become losers according to the standards of man.

It is in giving all to the King of kings, a sacrifice still less than what Christ paid for us, that we are raised up in Him.

Through surrender,

losing the battle to win a better life,

ceasing to strive to earn the reward of salvation,

and stepping down from our plans to become great among men…

We lose our positions on earth, our lives as we know them, and we gain anew. We gain afresh. We gain the victory that trumps all victories.

That’s not just bound up in salvation, but in living our best now. In the battles we face day after day, as a part of this world, we are to lose in this same manner. Our loss makes way for His success. Our lives are His conquests- and we become treasure instead of captives. Servants instead of slaves. Children instead of orphans.

Overcomers by the grace of God.

From the stance of losers who know their victory is certain, we witness to all people. Because all people lose, as is the nature of man. In joining them there, glad to lose so that Christ may win, we have the chance to speak the Gospel truth:

“But thanks be to God, who in Christ always leads us in triumphal procession, and through us spreads the fragrance of the knowledge of him everywhere.” – 2 Corinthians 2:14 


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