You have placed our iniquities before You, Our secret sins in the light of Your presence.” 

–Psalm 90:8

Characterized by being committed alone or in such a way that no one may be able to detect it, a secret sin is often enticing even to those of us who try to do what’s right. Whether discreetly wasting our time on something illicit like porn or silently thinking ill of someone, the idea behind secret sin is that it’s “ours”…and that’s a big part of what entices us.

There are other reasons why secret sin is enticing and lures us in, but each reason is based on a lie.

Lie #1. That Sin Can Actually Be Secret

One of the biggest lies we believe about secret sin is that it is actually secret. Just because no other person will “catch us” or even know about it doesn’t make it a secret sin, though.

Manifestations of the sin will still occur and affect our lives. The person who secretly dislikes someone else will sabotage the relationship, even if they act nice. A porn addict will reap the consequences in relationships as a result of dissatisfaction based on unrealistic expectations.

No matter what, the Lord will know as well. There are no secrets kept from God. Imagine that- the very one we sin against (even when we think our sin hurts no one) is the one who always knows!

Lie #2. That We’re Getting Away With Something

It’s in our nature to get a thrill from getting away with something. Something very foolish in our hearts believes that when we fool others, we’re powerful. To evade unwanted attention or due consequences makes us feel that we’re in control. Pride is at the root of the problem, making us feel “smart” and “look good” for circumventing the system scot-free.

But, we never actually get away with sin. Beyond knowing everything, even our secret sins, the Lord by His nature must address our sins. He is perfectly just. Natural consequences (including guilt, shame, and anxiety) are often punishment.

Lie #3. That Some Sin Can Be Excused as Inevitable

Everybody sins. It’s part of human nature. We can’t avoid it. Sometimes, though, we, use to act like our nature is a valid excuse. Sinning secretly seems like a good option. We look less dreadfully, wretchedly human than we are. And our sins tend to hurt ourselves more than others when they are secret….so that’s good, right?

Minimizing reality is not the same as living it well. We are not excused from sin simply because it is inevitable in our lives. Jesus has saved us and offers the Holy Spirit to fight our flesh, helping us to be victorious despite our sin. Likewise, sinning secretly is not a valiant way to deal with our inevitable failures. Rather, sin in the light is exposed and more readily turned over to the Lord for His forgiveness, purifying, and use.

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