Guts, is that what it is called? GUTS!!! Why do we run from our dreams? Why do we let situations dictate our lives?  We hold bitterness in our hearts, blaming others for hurts done. The future is killed with tears and regrets, leaving behind weary souls. Oh, how bright dreams we had and how great ambitions we upheld. But let down victories flag when punched in the face. How I want a heart that forgives, a gentle spirit that never gives up, fights through the fiery storms and says,



I see her dying. My dream, my love, my passion. I see her once strong arms stretched for help. With trembling hands, I let her go. I’m a murderer, yes, I admit, for I’ve killed many dreams. Except this time, my heart dies with her. I need help. Strength from within.

For the days pass me by. Time flies and she gets further away.

BUT I WILL ARISE and DO THE UNCOMMON!!! Enough of the worrying. Enough of the fears. Enough of the setbacks. Fight for what I love. Stand for what I believe in. It’s a simple decision, a decision to follow my heart and no matter what, get what belongs to me, MY DREAMS! FOR IF I CAN DREAM IT, I CAN ACT IT.


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