Free Online Counselling For Everyone

By Solomon Ansah on Thursday, March 15, 2018

No one under this sun can run the journey of life alone. At a point in time, you need counsel from other people who have threaded the path you are walking on. The Good books say that “Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed.”

LoveRealm understands that life can be very hectic sometimes and you can’t walk it all by yourself. Sometimes it’s a simple motivation and words of encouragement you need to keep you moving.

At a point too, you need the counsel of professionals who have been through the road you are walking on the advice you. Be it education, marriage, business, social, health wise, economical and every path you can think of.

The good thing about counselling is that, its saves you from so much life issues and challenge because you will walk on the experience of someone who passed through where you are passing. It will save you from disappointment, pains, cries and troubles and many other things which can’t be quantified.

LoveRealm provide you counsellor who will counsel you for free without any charge. When you sign up to the app, based on the interests you choose, counsellors are assigned to you. If you are also part of a church or group, the group’s verified counsellors are assgined to you and they will be your first point of contact. The counselling section normally comes in three forms.

  1. To have a chat with the Counsellor
  2. To have a video call with the Counsellor
  3. To meet the person and have a walking or meeting section with the counsellor.

The third part is dependant on demographic locations. So if the counsellor assigned to you is close or around you, then you can have a walk in with the person. It’s that easy.

  1. First log on to your account.
  2. On the right hand side below your status, you will see a section called “Counsellor Finder”
  3. You can go ahead and book an appointment with your counsellor.
  4. You can also choose any counsellor of your choice from an Tab below the Counselor Finder called ‘Find more counselors’. This tab presents you with other counselors with different fields of mastery which you can choose from.
  5. After you have booked the appointment, the counselor will then confirm the date and time and reminders will be sent when the time is due for the counseling.
  6. It’s all for free.

Sign up on and enjoy this whole new experience. Don’t walk this life alone. There are professional on LoveRealm to help you out.