How To Create A Group On LoveRealm

By Solomon Ansah on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

We want to help you grow your church through LoveRealm. That is what LoveRealm stands for.


Before I take you through how to create a group on LoveRealm, let me share with you some few benefits of a group on LoveRealm.

  1. Stream your services and programs online for free.
  2. LoveRealm enables your church, institution to receive funds from your group members and our community to support various activities.
  3. LoveRealm enables you to interact effectively and conveniently with your various members through LoveRealm inbox, SMS etc.
  4. LoveRealm offers you a management services for Free. This gives you a graphical representation of the various objects of your institution.
  5. LoveRealm enables you to send your daily devotions to all your members on the application and even beyond.
  6. LoveRealm connect all your members with issues to specified Church counsellors you provide during the sign up.
  7. LoveRealm offers your church members the opportunity to make new friends from other branches of your church.


This and many other advantages LoveRealm offers you when you create a group. To create a group is very simple and easy. First create an account on LoveRealm and that will give you access to create a group.

  1. When you open your account, there is a ‘Create New Group’ on the right hand side of the screen.
  2. Click on it and follow the necessary instructions and provide all the information required. The information required includes Group Name, Description of the group, Administrators, Counsellors, Meeting Days, Location etc.
  3. After the provision of the necessary information you click on ‘FINISH’ to create the group


Now that your group is created, you have access to all the features in there for FREE. Enjoy your journey on LoveRealm.