The Anonymous Platform For Sharing Your Thoughts

By Solomon Ansah on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Stigmatization is one of the thing challenges we will have to deal with once we come out to really share what’s wrong with us especially among judgemental people.

People can’t be real anymore because of the fingers that will be pointed at them and what they will go through once they decide to be real.

Various platforms have denied people of speaking their minds because of the hands that will be pointed. For that reason some people have even decided even not to talk about issues they are really doyens in. They can’t really share what they are actually going through and how they feel like.

So what then can be done about this challenge? The answer is LoveRealm.

LoveRealm is a platform which was built solely to help others whiles connecting them to other believers. You can now express yourself freely without anyone getting to know who you are. Nothing about your identity will be revealed once you switch to the anonymous mode.

It’s that simple! Just log on to your account and below the status update box, you will see mode. The mode is in two forms. You can decide to reveal your identity or go anonymous. When you go anonymous, no one on the community see who you are.

In the image below, you see the modes there, the blue arrow represents identity revealed where everyone will know who posted a particular status, prayer request, video or image and question.

The red arrow also represents the the anonymous mode where no one will see who the poster of  a particular content is.

Enjoy your LoveRealm journey