Hannah-prayerI thought I’ve fallen in love but it was all a lie. I fell so deep with this guy and always bragged about him to my friends.  What a worldly love it is that though you have no assurance of being accepted but you move around with the message of approval. What a pity…

Time went by and funny enough, as close as we were, people had developed their own thoughts about our relationship. Went to church one Sunday and listened to a message entitled ABOUNDING IN LOVE. I initially thought this was probably a message on relationship.

As young a lady as I was who had fallen in love, I beamed with smiles thinking I knew it all. We started with a prayer and thought it was too long because it will shorten the message on the LOVE I perceived. Took my book ready to write everything that came out from the preacher man’s mouth.

Sermon begins! The speaker started off with what love is? “Thinking out loud”…Ah u paa, “common love definition you no dey barb?” Papa preacher!. This love he meant was not the ‘erotic’ love I was fantasying about and have moved with in life but this was the ‘Agape’ love of God in life as human.

Listen in friends, the world may have hurt you in the many forms of love through your various relationships but the Agape love of God surpasses all of them. This agape love He demonstrated on the cross of Calvary by giving up his only begotten son to die and save us from our sins. This sacrifice was made over 2000 years ago but still stands firm in our lives as our key to redemption. Christ even loved us before making this great sacrifice.

I believe we hardly know about the Prophet Hosea, but for our benefit I want to relate the Abounding love of Hosea for you to know the real difference between our love and the love of God.

It is said there were two kingdoms in his time and these were the Northern and Southern kingdoms of Israel. The northern Kingdom feared the Lord but the Southern Kingdom worshiped their own gods and disobeyed the Lord Almighty. They really hurt God with their harlotry, so to speak. In order for these people to change from their wrongdoings HE sent forth the prophet Hosea to tell them of their bad dealings and prompt them to abandon their wrongdoings. The Lord therefore instructed Hosea to marry a prostitute called Gomer who he really loved but never had his love reciprocated.

It came to pass that Gomer was held in bondage due to her acts and was to be sold out as a slave. Amounts were mentioned and lo and behold the husband of Gomer had the highest bid mentioned to get his wife back. Do you know the funny thing Gomer thought in the past? Hosea had nothing to offer her so she sought rich men for her worldly ostentatious cravings.

This directly relate to us as Christians. The Lord loves us so much but what do we give to him in return? Nothing….Nothing, but yet still we follow the world for its so called riches and fame forgetting that God has it all. This revelation I had as the sermon was ongoing. I realized something which was helpful. If I abound in the Agape love of God I can perfect the Phileo to my brotherly love.

Am sure we’ve heard a lot of things on LOVE from 1st Corinthians 13, which tells us love is kind, it suffers long, does not envy, does not pride itself, it’s not boastful and the rest but what do we see in the church now. Are we really children of love?

This message I believe is to enlighten you and I on the essence of love as Christians to abound in the same love that God portrayed unto us all. Free yourself from any burden and allow the love work within you.

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