Recieving Payment On LoveRealm

How to start receiving payments on LoveRealm

  1. Just create a group. You can check out our article on How to create a group on LoveRealm.
  2. On the left-hand side of your group page, you will see ‘Verify Group To Start Receiving Payments’, click on it.
  3. You will then receive an email requesting for the following information from you:
  • Name and  Location of Group
  • Name of Authorized Representative
  • Phone Number
  • Physical Address
  • Official Email Address
  • National ID of Official Contact Person
  • Are you a Registered Legal Entity: Yes/No
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Bank Account Information (For Receiving Payments)

4. When these documents are provided to our support team, your group will be verified and you can start receiving payments.


How To Grow Your Church Online

According to the United Nations Agencies that overseers international communications, internet users have risen from  738 million in 2000 to 3.2 billion in 2015. The  World Internet Users Statistics also confirms that as of June 2017, 51% of the world’s population has internet access.


Now the big question is, how do you grow your church through the internet since most of the people you want are online? This is the main reason LoveRealm is here. To help various churches and Pastors take advantage of this great opportunity and win more souls for Christ into their churches.

How does LoveRealm helps achieve this goal of helping you grow your church

  1. LoveRealm gives you the platform of evangelise to other people outside the walls of your church
  2. LoveRealm gives you the tool to broadcast all you services to a targeted audience so that your Church experience the growth you are expecting
  3. LoveRealm provide you with communication and engagement tools like text messages, the LoveRealm inbox and daily devotions from your Church; which enables you to easily communicate with all your members.
  4. We give your members an opportunity to always hear your voice, by privately sending them the audio of your streamed tapes for them to always be in touch.


This will not just help increase your church’s membership as a Pastor, but also help fulfill the great commission of snatching souls from hell thus fulfilling Colossians 1:28 which reads ‘So everywhere we go we talk about Christ to all who will listen, warning them and teaching them as well as we know how. We want to be able to present each one to God, perfect because of what Christ has done for each of them’.


Finding it difficult to trust God?

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Jesus’ second coming: A divine revelation

timeThe Day I’ll never forget
Innately I’m not a birthday person, and I hardly remember the birthdates of people, not even that of my Mum and Dad. I’ll however never forget 31st March 2012. Not because it’s my Dad’s birthday, but because on that day something tragic happened to me:
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